Electronic waste (E-waste) recycling in Namibia


                      NamiGreen teams up with EcoRobotics in recycling                             electronic waste (e-waste) - computers, phones, servers, cables, and all other electronics


NamiGreen is an E-waste company in Namibia that recycles electronic waste (e-waste). In Namibia, the E-waste recycling company recycles and disposes of electronic waste for a variety of organizations, businesses, and private individuals. NamiGreen is a collaboration of PEHANSEN and Transworld Cargo.

The E-waste recycling company follows the ISO 14000 series environmental management systems, and they always ensure the preservation of the health and safety of their employees. NamiGreen opposes public E-waste recycling because waste contains hazardous materials that are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.

NamiGreen's recent efforts in its quest to become even more environmentally friendly include analyzing the carbon dioxide (CO2) impact of all e-waste collected and recycled. These measurements are then delivered to their clients in the form of a "certificate of disposal," which includes the amount of CO2-savings generated by that recycling endeavor.

"Our clients have responded well with the new CO2 measurements, because it puts a concrete measure on their actual recycling effort. Now clients, can say 'we have saved the planet for e.g., 1 ton of CO2' simply by recycling old and broken electronics", says Mr. Per Hansen, CEO of NamiGreen. 

NamiGreen collaborates with the government, municipalities, parastatals, and local businesses to manage the growing amount of electronic waste efficiently and safely. Their mission is to keep Namibia and Africa’s environment green and healthy.

NamiGreen’s business model entails providing their services to businesses, landfills, and households to ensure that it is no longer a problem in Namibia. NamiGreen's mission can be summarized as follows:

  • Recycling e-waste to safeguard the environment and future generations.
  • Responsible and secure e-waste disposal throughout Namibia.
  • Assisting in the creation of jobs in the e-waste recycling business.
  • Working efficiently and following through on our commitments.

Namibia's very own electronics online store, EcoRobotics, has teamed up with NamiGreen to help locals get rid of their electronic garbage, or e-waste. EcoRobotics, Namibia's first online electronics store, sells a variety of electrical components, networking components, home automation systems, and 3D printers to students, hobbyists, and enterprises alike.

NamiGreen’s collaboration with EcoRobotics to collect E-waste has come in with an E-waste container that can handle larger E-waste goods and gadgets like vacuum cleaners and computers.


The EcoRobotics dropoff location in Windhoek, Namibia, can be found here: Address: Maxwell Park, Unit 1, Maxwell Street

Or contact us:

Tel: +264 61 424 203

Email: ecorobotics@ecoprojects.com.na

NamiGreen – Electronic Waste Management – handles E-waste professionally therefore they collect and recycle E-waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner throughout Namibia. Not only does recycling ensure a green Namibia, but it also creates employment for the locals.

For more information on NamiGreen:


Namibia: (+264) 081 2564 136 / (+264) 061 371 194

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