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22pF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitors
28mm LEG, 5mm Clear LED (Pack of 10)28mm LEG, 5mm Clear LED (Pack of 10)
2N2222 NPN Transistor TO-92
2x8 cm Universal PCB Prototype Board
3 Plug Terminal Angled 5.08mm Pitch
3 Pole 3.5mm blue screw terminal
3 Pole 5mm Screw Terminal
3 way plug terminal block 5.08mm
3.2" inch TFT LCD Screen Module3.2" inch TFT LCD Screen Module
3010 30x30x10mm 24V 2Pin DC Cooling Fan3010 30x30x10mm 24V 2Pin DC Cooling Fan
30A VNH2SP30 DC Motor Driver30A VNH2SP30 DC Motor Driver
31 in 1 screwdriver Set31 in 1 screwdriver Set
3296W 10Kohm 103 Trimmer Potentiometer
3V DC Motor3V DC Motor
3V DC Motor with soldered wires3V DC Motor with soldered wires
3x7 cm universal PCB prototyping board

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