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The Shelly Vintage ST64 is a worthwhile addition to any home.

It is immediately evident from the packaging and the product itself, that the ST64 is a high-quality product.

The box contains the lightbulb and a small informational booklet.

Shelly Vintage ST64 light bulb

The Vintage ST64 is, as implied by the name, a vintage style large filament bulb. But not really. The filament provides a vintage yellow glow aesthetic, but the light source is a low power 7W LED, that provides a vintage ambiance with modern low power consumption and high reliability.

We’ve seen the power efficiency, and the atmosphere created by the yellow filament, but what really makes this bulb different? And what does the “smart” part on the box really mean?

As with most smart home appliances, the smart part refers to WiFi connectivity, and some control or automation of the smart appliance via WiFi, most often using a cellphone app.

So, what automation and control does the Vintage ST64 offer?

  • Remote control dimming, to provide that perfect mood.
  • Scheduling feature, to allow the light to switch on and off, even if you’re not around.
  • Sunrise and sun set tracking and switching.

That all sounds great! But how do I actually use these features?

All of this is done with one or two settings using the very user-friendly Shelly app, available on both the App store and Play store. 


The bulb is beautiful, perfectly illustrating what it says on the box. It has a vintage look and fits a standard E27 light socket.

The vintage look however does not mean horrendous energy efficiency and a lot of heat generation, as it’s powered by a 7W LED.

Everyday Use

The bulb is controlled using the user-friendly Shelly app, which is easy to set up. Once set up, chances are the automations you’ve configured will handle most of your use cases, and you’ll rarely have to directly use the app again.

The term “user friendly” has been used a lot, but how is the bulb and app set up?

How to setup

Step 1:

Download and install the Shelly app from either the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple) on your preferred smart device.

Shelly cloud app


Step 2:

Configure the app to connect to your home WiFi network (only on the 2.4GHz bandwidth)

Step 3:

Connect your ST64 to the light socket where you want to use it in your house.

Step 4:

Search for Shelly devices using the app, locate your Vintage ST-64 in your discovered devices, and click connect. Note that upon first connection, your ST-64 might want to do a firmware update. This is always good practice to make sure your devices are on the latest firmware.

That’s it! Your Shelly Vintage ST-64 is no longer just a light bulb, it’s a smart light bulb, ready to be configured to your needs.

If you’re a bit worried about keeping your appliances connected to the cloud, or that your WiFi network is unreliable, don’t be. The configurations on your app remain active even if your internet is down. Furthermore, the light bulb can continue functioning as a normal lightbulb without being connected to your WiFi network or set up in the app.

The Shelly app is also compatible with Google Smart Home and can easily be linked to provide you with the ability to control all devices from one app, eg your Shelly bulb and Sonoff LED lights.


The Shelly Vintage ST64 is an excellent product that simplifies your life and gives you control over your home lighting from the bedroom to the backyard.

I highly recommend this product for any home!

TIP:  more than one bulb may be required depending on the size of the room.

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