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Arduino UNO R3 CloneArduino UNO R3 Clone
Save N$37.20
Arduino Mega CloneArduino Mega Clone
Lavfin Arduino Mega Clone
N$210 N$247.20
ESP-01S ESP8266 Serial WIFI ModelESP-01S ESP8266 Serial WIFI Model
Raspberry Pi 4 Module B-4GBRaspberry Pi 4 Module B-4GB
Arduino Nano 3.0 CloneArduino Nano 3.0 Clone
ESP32 WROOM-32 Module Core BoardESP32 WROOM-32 Module Core Board
2560 R3 Arduino Compatible
ESP32-CAM Development BoardESP32-CAM Development Board
Arduino Compatible Uno R3 Plus BoardArduino Compatible Uno R3 Plus Board
WeMos D1 MiniWeMos D1 Mini
Raspberry Pi 4 Module B-2GBRaspberry Pi 4 Module B-2GB
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB
ESP-01 with relay moduleESP-01 with relay module
ESP8266 WI-FI Development BoardESP8266 WI-FI Development Board
Arduino Leonardo Clone
WEMOS ESP-32 WIreless BoardWEMOS ESP-32 WIreless Board
Save N$93.38
Particle PhotonParticle Photon
SparkFun Particle Photon
N$449.99 N$543.37
Save N$92.60
Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense with HeadersArduino Nano 33 BLE Sense with Headers

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