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Sonoff TX Series WiFi Wall SwitchesSonoff TX Series WiFi Wall Switches
KTNNKG Wireless Button 433MhzKTNNKG Wireless Button 433Mhz
Shelly Plus 1PMShelly Plus 1PM
Shelly Plus 1Shelly Plus 1
Sonoff DW2-WiFiSonoff DW2-WiFi
Sonoff IP66 Waterproof BoxSonoff IP66 Waterproof Box
Sonoff 4CH R3 Wifi Smart SwitchSonoff 4CH R3 Wifi Smart Switch
Shelly 1L with BypassShelly 1L with Bypass
Sonoff RF Bridge 433MhzSonoff RF Bridge 433Mhz
SONOFF 4 Button Remote - 433MHzSONOFF 4 Button Remote - 433MHz
Shelly Button 1
Sonoff MINI - Two Way Smart SwitchSonoff MINI - Two Way Smart Switch
SONOFF MINI R3 Smart SwitchSONOFF MINI R3 Smart Switch