10 PCS Prototype PCB for Arduino MEGA 2560 R3


Sale priceN$352.25


This kit includes 10 PCS of keyestudio MEGA 2560 prototype circuit board PCB.

After solder the pin headers of 2.54mm pitch on the through-holes of PCB, you can seamlessly plug it into MEGA 2560 controllers. It also comes with four 3mm fixed holes for you to tightly mount it.
For easy use, you can directly solder other components on the PCB through-holes to complete various prototype circuits. And you are able to stick a tiny breadboard on the prototyping area to complete various circuit experiments using jumper wires.


100% Brand new and high quality double-sided PCB
All holes are plated through
Material: high quality FR-4 PCB
Hole pitch 2.54mm
Hole Diameter: 1.0mm
Comes with four 3mm fixed holes
You need to weld the pins by yourself
Quantity: 10 pieces/lot

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