SIM5320E 3G Module GSM GPRS GPS Modules for Arduino


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Keyestudio SIM5320E 3G module is a mobile phone module, it can be used for GPRS data transmission, supporting both Mobile and Unicom. This module has the function of GPS positioning, with the features of powerful functions and less external circuits, etc. When registering the network and RF multi-slot sending, the current consumption peak may reach 2A, which will inevitably lead to voltage sags, so the power system generally requires more than 2A current supply capability. 

Interface Explanation                       

  • Power Supply: DC 5V 2A or above.
  • Communication Interface: a group of TTL-level serial port, compatible with 5V/3.3V microcontroller; with a USB interface, can be directly connected to the computer debugging.
  • GPS Antenna Interface: a group of IPXmini antenna interface, the default connecting to active GPS antenna.
  • GMS Antenna Interface: a group of IPXmini antenna interface, the default providing PCB antenna.
  • SIM Card Interface: drawer type
  • USB Interface: mini USB interface.
  • Voice Mike Interface: Lead out, the interface is a 2.54 * 4P single row pin form.
  • Other Interfaces: a group of IIC interfaces, a group of interface can control the module’s opening and closing (the module default self-starting).
  • Indicator LEDs: one LED is used to indicate the working status of the module; another 0603 LED is used to indicate the network status. 


  • Insert the SIM card
  • J2: power supply DC 5V 2A
  • 3G ANT interface: connecting 3G antenna
  • GPS ANT interface: connecting GPS antenna
  • Connecting to MICRO USB interface.
  • Done drive installation, it will build communication between USB and system,5 ports will be mapped on the system as follows:
  • USB Modem COM port: used to dial-up networking.
  • AT command COM port: used to process AT command.
  • NMEA COM port: used for GPS information output.
  • Diagnostics COM port: used for debugging, grab the log information of module.
  • Ethernet Adapter: not supporting.

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