MQ-4 Natural gas & methane sensor


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MQ-4 application: it can be used in household and industrial-level gas leakage detection device to detect natural gas and methane. It is featured with wide detection range, high sensitivity, fast response and recovery time, with excellent stability, long service life and simple drive circuit.

Applicable gas: natural gas, methane


  • Detection range: 300 ~ 10000ppm
  • Characteristic gas: 5000ppm methane
  • Sensitivity: R in air/R in typical gas≥5
  • Resistance of sensitive material: 1KΩ~20KΩ in 5000ppm methane
  • Response time: ≤10s
  • Recovery time: ≤30s
  • Heating resistance: 31Ω±3Ω
  • Heating current: ≤180mA
  • Heating power: ≤900mW
  • Heating voltage: 5.0V±0.2V
  • Measuring voltage: ≤24V
  • Working condition of MQ-4:
  • Environment temperature: -20~+55
  • Humidity: ≤95%RH
  • Environment oxygen content: 21%
  • Storage condition of MQ-4:
  • Temperature: -20~+70
  • Humidity: ≤70%RH

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