Charles Gibbs

As DIY enthusiasts we don’t need a lot of convincing to tinker and do something ourselves or solve a problem that someone else has already solved, but in this case there’s good financial incentive as well!

If you have experience with Victron solar systems, you know the quality is good, but the monitoring is expensive. This video will guide you step by step through the entire process to allow you to install and configure the Victron Venus operating system on a Raspberry Pi and monitor your solar system on your Victron account, all without the need to buy a Victron controller.

For the home automation enthusiasts, it gets even better. Once you’ve set everything up, you have the ability to integrate all your Victron data into an automation platform, such as Nodered, and use your new solar data in conjunction with your existing home automation devices.

A good use would be to automate your electric vehicle charging based on your excess available solar energy! The sky really is the limit.

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